If you are a shelter thinking of ways to help your community connect with your adoptable animals, or looking to sponsor an iPet system for a shelter, we can help. Read below for more info!

How it Works

Since 2010 we’ve worked with humane societies, rescue organizations, SPCAs and municipal shelters to provide a unique outreach tool. Our system has increased donations and adoptions. iPet Companion is a pet play system that combines live web viewing with remotely controlled pet toys, for a real-time experience that allows users to move toys and play live with shelter animals available for adoption from anywhere in the world. To interact with the animals, viewers simply access one of the live play sites and click to play.

The Benefits

iPet Companion offers shelter partners emotional, psychological, and strategic benefits, including the following:

  • Offers new opportunities for internet-based outreach while offering engagement for your animals;
  • Allows members of your community to view animals up for adoption, even when they’re unable to make a trip to your facility in person;
  • Builds positive associations for your facility – and animal rescues in general – giving visitors a chance to see that your animals are healthy and well-treated, and that your facility is clean and transparent in its operations;
  • Gives access to adoptable animals that would otherwise be behind closed doors, and increases visibility by offering exposure even “after hours”;
  • Reminds site visitors of the great need of shelter animals, and the joys of pet ownership;
  • Considering that cats are particularly at-risk in shelters (and particularly well-suited for online play), iPet Companion can help you show off your kitties to potential adopters;
  • Takes eyes away from the pet store trade by keeping shelter pets – and the adoption option – in the forefront of people’s minds;
  • Provides an opportunity for contribution and social goodwill. People who otherwise could not interact with animals due to illness, age, or allergies, now have the chance to do so via iPet Companion.
  • Increases visibility and connection, which we believe increases the chance that people will take the next step and adopt a pet!

In addition to the intangible benefits, some shelters have experienced the following measurable benefits after installing iPet Companion:

  • Increased website traffic;
  • Donations given to the facility by iPet Companion visitors;
  • Viewers from 170+ countries around the world;
  • We have even seen adoptions resulting directly from connections made via iPet Companion!

Minimum Requirements for Hosting iPet Companion

  • A high speed internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 2Mbps and available ethernet port (check your speed at www.speedtest.net);
  • A suitable room for presenting pets to the public, with power outlets available to plug in the iPet control box, camera, and toys;
  • An on-site staff person to be the point person for communications, outreach, and support.

For more information, drop us a line at media@ipetcompanion.com

Get Creative

An iPet website can be a powerful marketing tool when promoted. Here are some fun outreach ideas we’ve received from participating shelters:

  • Allow children in hospital recovery wards to have “pet therapy” while recovering from surgery/illness.
  • Host fundraisers from inside the interactive room; your online community can interact with the animals and it’s a great story for the media.
  • Hold a “Tweet-a-thon” from inside your interactive room asking followers to tweet and interact during the event, creating a trend for that day.
  • Volunteers take laptops to retirement homes or hospitals to allow residents to enjoy “pet therapy” with animals at your shelter.
  • Suggest to school teachers to allow their students to control the toys during class as an interactive assignment.

For the press

You can download the iPet Companion media kit located here