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Feed A Puppy

Are you a Puppy lover? Welcome to Heaven!

These are real rescue puppies, live streamed from different shelters across the country. Watch ‘em play, watch ‘em all day. MANY ARE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION NOW. Be warned: you’re about to fall in love. Click on a shelter to watch.

Feed the puppies!

It gets better. Wanna feed ‘em? Just click on the Watch button and you will be able to feed the puppies with a yummy treat that falls into their bowls. TRY IT FOR FREE. If you decide to purchase extra treats A PORTION OF EVERY DOLLAR IS DONATED TO THE 11TH HOUR RESCUE, a not-for-profit group dedicated to saving dogs from death row.

NOTE: Due to the amount of traffic on our site, the puppies cannot be fed live, thus, the actual feeding is pre-recorded and edited to show the treats being given to the puppies, but feeding is not happening live. This differs from the “Cat Side” of iPetCompanion where all interactions in the kitten rooms are live, in real-time, and the elements in the rooms (toys) are controlled by the online user.

iPetCompanion has received thousands of requests to provide dog interactions similar to what we have done with cats. However, finding an appropriate toy that could withstand the strength and destructive nature of dogs has made this difficult. That is why we have partnered with Feed a Puppy which utilizes our Live Streaming methodologies, but also allows the online user to connect, engage, and positively impact the mission of the shelter by purchasing treats through their innovative Feed a Puppy concept.All live stream viewing for the puppies is live, and in real-time; it is only the actual feeding that is pre-recorded from previous feeding sessions.

A portion of every treat purchase is donated to the 11th Hour Rescue; a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare. Money donated to the 11th Hour Rescue from treat purchases are used solely at the discretion of the shelters’ executive team. The donated funds are non-restricted and may be used by the shelter to purchase food, medications, and other operational necessities deemed appropriate by the non-profit