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Can Dogs Have Grape Jelly?

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Who doesn’t love smothering a hot biscuit from the oven with grape jelly for the finishing touches? Or the classic PB&J, who can resist that?

If we love it so much, our dogs probably do too; but can they eat grape jelly without any adverse side effects to their health?

We’ll go over the ingredients in grape jelly and whether it’s a safe treat to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth. We’ll also address a few other questions and relevant information to help you make an informed decision regarding feeding your dog grape jelly.

 If you’re like me, I’m used to giving my dog a little of what I’m eating. Now, I have to familiarize myself with the foods that they can have and those that they cannot. 

Let’s dive right in!

Grape Jelly

So, Can Dogs Eat Grape Jelly?

No, your dog cannot eat grape jelly under any circumstances. Besides the fact that the jelly itself is likely processed and has excessive amounts of sugar in it, the grape might be toxic for your dog. This is true even if you wanted to give them just a little bit.

In case you weren’t aware, grapes are considered to be a poisonous fruit for dogs. So while there may be no actual grapes in the jelly, the flavor alone is enough to do damage.

No grape products for your dogs, ever. Their health and livelihood could be in jeopardy, so keep that in mind when you have the urge to share your table scraps with them.

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Is Grape Jelly Bad for Dogs?

Grapes and products that have grape flavoring contain harmful properties to dogs.

Though it is not completely clear as to why grapes are toxic to dogs, here’s what the studies indicate. Potassium bitartrate dogs and tartaric acid are two substances that dogs have shown extreme sensitivity to. Grapes have high concentrations of both.

Allowing your dog to consume grapes may lead to severe health complications including kidney failure, and even death in some cases.

Can Grape Jelly Kill My Dog?

Remember, even small amounts of grapes or grape parts can be fatal for a dog. To further illustrate the severity, note that a ten-pound dog is at risk if it consumes just one to two grapes. A 20-pound dog has the same risk if it eats three to four grapes.

Because grape jelly likely has a lot of grape juice or grape juice concentrate in it, even one spoon can cause big problems. So yes, technically speaking, grape jelly can kill your dog.

Therefore, to avoid any possible slip-ups, keep grape jelly and all grape products away from your dog at all costs.

What Will Happen to a Dog if They Eat Grape Jelly?

Can dog eat Grape Jelly

Depending on the amount your dog consumes, you may start to see symptoms that your dog has grape poisoning. If you know that your dog had access to grapes or grape jelly and you see them vomiting, or they don’t have much of an appetite, call your veterinarian right away. You always want to ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer any organ complications.

Besides the grapes, the actual jelly can cause severe health complications for your dog. If your dog happens to eat flavored jelly that has toxic components your dog could be serious. This issue emanates from the large sugar intake which comes with consuming jelly.

Symptoms to look for in your pet:

  • Body pains
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If your dog ate grape jelly and seems fine after a few days, then you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if your canine displays poisoning symptoms, then you should call your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Do not allow your pet to eat food rich in sugars such as grape jelly to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

My Dog Ate Grape Jelly!: What You Should Do

Since grape jelly is a threat to your dog’s health, we have a few things that you can do if it gets to the jelly anyway.

Never allow them to eat it again: You do not want your dog to eat more jelly. Therefore, it would be wise to remove any remaining jelly that could be lying around. Additionally, make sure that your dog isn’t grabbing remnants that you left behind.

Understand the Situation

Understanding what exactly happened is critical when you are in this situation. Therefore, you would want to gather all possible information. Below are the kinds of questions that you should answer to better inform the vet:

  • How much grape jelly did your dog consume?
  • How much time has elapsed since he ate it?
  • What are the specific ingredients in that particular grape jelly?
  • Are there any ingredients that are harmful to dogs?

Procuring this information will give you an understanding of how bad the situation is.

What’s more, it will arm you with the proper information to tell your veterinarian if you have to visit, and they ask you what happened.

Take your canine to the vet immediately: If your dog ate grape jelly because there’s a great chance that they will develop severe symptoms. If you’re unsure it’s always best to go to the vet to ensure that your dog is examined and out of harm’s way.

Final Thoughts

So, can dogs have grape jelly? Although it can be a delicious treat for people, it should not be fed to dogs whatsoever. Both the jelly and the grapes are toxic when consumed by dogs.

Moreover, jelly consists of way too much sugar which is simply not good for your dog. Although sugar is not necessarily toxic it can cause severe health issues for your dog later down the line.

Furthermore, different versions of jelly may have toxic ingredients such as grapes. Moreover, sugar-free jellies contain xylitol, which is lethal for dogs as well.

So ignore the temptation to share grape jelly with your beloved pet, it would be best for them if you stick with healthier alternatives.

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  1. Okay first off hand everyone calm down just a bit. This was taken directly from an answer by a vet. A dog would need to eat approximately 1/2 a grape per pound of body weight, in order for it to cause toxicity in your pet. So for a 50lb dog about 25 grapes. At lower levels upset stomach diarrhea and vomiting can occur.

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