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Cat Training

Training your pet is most often associated with dogs. After all, there’s been a very special relationship between humans and dogs over thousands of years as we’ve domesticated them to fulfill unique roles in our lives from hunting to herding.

We also see other animals and pets trained, such as exceptionally smart parrots that can behave and even speak by mimicking sounds that they hear with the right context from us. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that cats can also be trained, as well.

Yes, cat training might seem like a bizarre thing or even the subject of many classic jokes owing to their well-deserved reputation for being independent creatures that are not so interest in what humans want.

The reality is, however, that they indeed can be trained, and they do enjoy the process and the interaction that comes from receiving some good training. Some cat owners have even trained their cats to use flush toilets instead of the usual litter box. Pretty amazing, huh?

More often, the training is for something like being able to go walks with their human companions on a leash. We’ll provide interesting articles in this section of our website to explore various cat training opportunities.

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