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Grooming Cats

If there was ever an animal that we associate with grooming, cats have definitely got to be right at the top of the list, don’t you think?

Cats are well known for being fastidious and tidy creatures that spend a good percentage of their daily lives grooming their themselves. They groom the fur all over their body, they groom their paws, they face, ears, and eyes. If you are blessed with a multiple cat household, there’s no doubt you’ve also seen them groom each other if they get along well.

Cats have a strong inner drive to keep themselves clean and sometimes this even carries over to their human friends that they care about. There’s not much sweeter than a cat licking your arm to groom you because they care about you.

Whether a cat is a short-hair or a long-hair, it’s very important for them to stay groomed to not only clean their coats, but also to keep their eyes, ears, face, and other parts of their body clean. In this section, we’ll provide articles about grooming, product reviews, and other article of interest on this topic area.

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