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Cat Toys & Accessories

Ok, we admit it. This is one of the most fun sections of our website for us to write about always. After all, we get to look for new cat accessories, toys, condos, and other fun items. We will use these, experiment with which our kitty friends like the most, and then review the best of these for you.

There are a ton of cat accessories out there, so we’re constantly keeping our eyes open to see what might make our furry ones happier and engaged. We know that cats love to be snug, feel secure, and nap comfortably most of each day. So, we’ll have articles on kitty condos and other cat furniture that you can bring into your home.

There are an endless variety of cat toys, as well, that are musing to our cat companions. We’ll cover everything from lasers and red dot pointers to feathers, balls, and even cat nip! So, be warned this is going to be a fun area of the website and you may be spoiling your kitty rotten with all these recommendations.

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