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Can Cats Have Bananas As a Treat? (Facts, & FAQ)

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In this article, we will answer the question can cats have bananas?

Cats can have bananas in small quantities. It is a lovely treat most cats enjoy.

Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Yes, bananas are considered safe for cats to consume in moderation.

Do Cats Like Bananas?

Even though cats can consume bananas, You’d be surprised to know that cats aren’t particularly fond of sweet foods like bananas. They do have taste buds like us humans, but the receptors for sweetness aren’t very sensitive. Therefore, they are indifferent to the taste of sweets.

If you find that your cat is the exception, make sure that you keep in mind the high sugar content of fruits. Give them in moderation if you want them to have the bananas.

Can cats eat bananas
Cat Ate Bananas

Are Bananas Good For Cats?

There are some positives to giving your cat a few bananas, there’s potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and even folate in bananas. Bananas happen to be very nutritious for humans, the same can be said for cats although the high sugar content in banana may be too much if a cat consumes excess bananas.


This mineral aids the hearts and kidneys of cats when consumed. But remember that having too much potassium can be just as dangerous as having too little


Folate or folic acid aids in metabolizing proteins in your cat’s body to build new cells.


Too much fiber can cause your cat to have diarrhea. When a cat eats a banana what is absorbed is dietary fiber only.

Even though pet owners love the chance to sneak their cats a bite of human food here and there, it doesn’t add to their nutrition.

Remember, they get everything they need from their veterinarian-approved cat food. Extra treats like fruit bites don’t give them the health boost that you might think they do.

Keep in mind that too many certain nutrients can also be problematic. Fruits that are high in carbs like bananas don’t offer any extra benefits to your feline companion.

Can Kittens Eat Bananas?

While adult cats can enjoy a bite of banana here and there, it may not be the best option for kittens. They should get foods with high levels of calcium, protein, magnesium, and cat food specific to their sensitive stomachs.

Around the end of their first twelve months, you can start introducing small treats here and there. Ask your veterinarian if you want to add new foods to their diets.

What to Do if Your Cat Ate Too Much Bananas?

Although bananas aren’t toxic to cats, they do present a certain difficulty when it comes to digesting them.

Banana consumption for your cat can lead to diabetes and weight problems mainly because they’re high in sugar content. Therefore, even though you can give your cat bananas, you should do so in moderation. You may need to avoid them entirely, especially if your feline companion has a medical condition such as diabetes.

Having a banana once in a while definitely won’t be harmful in any way, however, too many bananas can cause allergic reactions, diarrhea, and a spike in blood sugar levels which can lead to diabetes.

You can always ask your veterinarian for advice concerning your cat’s diet. If bananas are a concern for you, bring this up with your vet and he or she will advise you accordingly. Veterinarians have the proper knowledge to provide you with a list of the best foods for your feline to consume.

Communicating with your vet is essential to keeping your cat healthy and safe from potential dangers.

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding cats eating bananas:

How do you feed your cat bananas?

The first thing you want to do is remove the banana peel. Cut the banana up into small pieces before you let your cat try a piece.

Only offer them a few bites at a time, and keep a close eye on them for adverse reactions. Every cat is different, you never know how your cat will handle new foods. Never introduce multiple foods at once, this helps to narrow down the culprit if they have a negative side effect.

Are banana peels bad for cats?

Since the banana peel isn’t edible, it’s best to peel the banana fully before offering it to the cat. Additionally, your cat can’t digest the peel. It can cause an upset stomach if they were to consume it, and it’s a choking hazard as well.

What kind of allergic reactions can a cat have if they eat a banana?

If your cat experiences an allergic reaction after trying a banana, be on the lookout for these symptoms:

1. Skin rash
2. Wheezing
3. Mucosal swelling
4. Skin swelling
5. Itchy throat or mouth
6. Throat swelling
7. Itching of the mouth and throat

Are cats afraid of bananas?

It sure seems that way from the plethora of YouTube videos that we’ve seen that show cats running away from the banana peels.

The idea of cats being afraid of bananas comes from the outer skin of the banana emitting ethene as it gets riper.

This chemical scent gives cats the notion that the object itself could be dangerous. Once cats smell this on the banana they tend to run away. Eh, maybe we’ll say cats are reasonably cautious instead!

Is it normal for a cat to like fruit?

Though cats can’t usually taste sweetness, they might like fruits for other reasons. The crunchy sensation that you get when you bite into certain fruits might be appealing to your cat. They might also enjoy the moisture that fruits have, especially if they experience problems drinking water.

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