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Can Cats Have Avocado? (Facts, & FAQ)

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There’s something about the versatility of avocados that makes them fun to eat. From the delicious flavor to its velvety texture, you can consume avocado in a myriad of ways.

But can cats eat avocado too?

Yes, cats can eat avocado, but only certain parts of it. It’s essential to understand the precautions that pet owners must take if they want to successfully incorporate avocado into their cat’s diet. Not being properly informed can have dire consequences.

Can Cats Eat Avocado?

Can cat eat avocado

If your cat has an affinity for avocados, you can feel free to add them into their diet. The best and most convenient way to feed them to your cat is to cut them into small pieces. You can serve them as stand-alone treats or mix them into or on their food when it’s chow time.

As should be the case for any new food that you’re starting, go low. That means the portion should be small so that it doesn’t cause an upset stomach. Also, if your cat has an adverse reaction to the avocado, there won’t be too much in his system to expel.

Take note that cats with a history of pancreatitis or gastritis should steer clear of avocado. The high-fat content in the fruit could increase the chances of inflamed organs for cats with these conditions.

What to Do if Your Cat Ate Avocado?

When it comes to your cat eating avocado, there are some distinct health benefits. If your cat got a hold of a small portion, no worries, they should be fine. Here’s what they can get from eating a small amount of avocado here and there:


If health is the motivating factor for considering avocados for your cat, avocados contain amino acids and proteins integral for a healthy lifestyle. Proteins from avocado can promote muscle growth, optimal organ function, a robust immune system, energy development, and the protein helps them to maintain a nice and shiny coat.

Healthy Fats:

Healthy fats are a real thing, and avocados come packed with them. Healthy fats generally fall somewhere in between monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Furthermore, the fat of an avocado is 75% unsaturated.


Antioxidants happen to be terrific for your feline companion. These molecules can strengthen their immune system, fortify their bodies by warding free radicals, and even fight immune disorders.

With that being said, you must exercise a bit of caution when feeding avocados to your beloved cat.

Using avocados strategically by following the safety guidelines is the key to your cat benefiting from avocados without a hitch. If you’re not sure in the least, call your veterinarian, they are more than qualified to help you hash things out.

Is Avocado Bad for Cats?

When it comes to this question, persin is the source of all debate surrounding cats and avocados. Persin is in the peel, leaves, pit, and stem of an avocado. Moreover, with Guatemalan avocados, there’s a higher potency of persin present. Persin is extremely toxic for cats.

Luckily, persin is not present in the avocado extract. That makes sense considering certain cat food brands contain avocado oil but aren’t hazardous to cats who consume them. Furthermore, even a small amount of avocado fruit won’t hurt, just so long as you don’t overdo it. More importantly, be attentive to how your cat reacts to avocados.

The crucial thing to remember when it comes to feeding avocados to your cat in moderation. If you give your cat too much, you run the chance of upsetting her GI tract because avocados are very high in fiber. So one slice of an avocado is sufficient for your cat and their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding cats and avocados:

Can Cats Eat Avocado Oil?

The flesh of the avocado and the oil won’t have any persin in them. If you ensure that you have properly discarded the avocado stems, the peels, and the pit, you should be good to go.

If you mix in a small teaspoon into their car food, they shouldn’t have any problems digesting it.

What Happens if My Cat Eats Too Much Avocado?

Remember that there’s a lot of fat in avocados, so eating a lot would create a meal that’s too dense for your kitty. Cats should never be left unsupervised around large portions of avocado.

If you suspect that your cat has eaten way too much of the avocado, call your veterinarian immediately to understand how you should proceed. Your cat may experience a stomach ache, diarrhea, or vomiting if they overeat.

What Are the Signs That My Cat Had an Allergic Reaction to Avocado?

The most likely candidates to have harmful side effects from eating avocado are kittens and older cats. Small pieces of avocado can also cause choking.

If your cat seems a little off or looks strange after eating avocado, they may be intolerant. Symptoms such as hives, skin swelling, diarrhea, high fever, difficulty breathing, and a rapid heartbeat can indicate an allergic reaction. Call your veterinarian or the Pet Poison hotline immediately.

Can Cats Eat Avocado Pits?

We usually throw the pit away when we eat avocados, and the same is true for your cat. Again, it can cause your cat to choke because it’s so small and may contain toxic ingredients. It is also sure to give your cat a bad reaction if they were able to crack it and ingest a few pieces.

Additionally, it can cause an internal blockage that requires major surgery to remove.

Can Cats Eat Guacamole?

Unfortunately, they cannot eat guacamole because it usually has onion, garlic, and other spices that are toxic to cats. Those seasonings can produce a feeling of intoxication for your cat and indeed disrupt their digestive functioning.

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