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About Us

Welcome to the iPetCompanion.com website, where you’re in the company of fellow animal lovers.  Whether you call them fur babies or your best friend, our beloved pets are our life-long companions and we love everything about them.

What we strive to do at iPetCompanion is to write about everything related to our lives with our favorite companions and how to best take care of them.  Our time with our furry friends is always too short, so it’s important to have the highest quality experiences we can have together for the time that we’re blessed to spend with each other.

Myself and our small but passionate iPetCompanion writing staff promise to do our best to bring you product reviews, health tips, and other valuable information to make your companions happy, healthy, and loved.  Thank you for being here and please share any feedback to you have with us on our Contact page.


David Fields and the iPetCompanion Team

David Fields
Author, Founder
David Fields is a long-time animal lover and has been blessed to share his life with many companions.
A short list includes ragdoll cats, Siberian husky and greyhound dogs, an African Grey parrot, many fish of all sorts, and a pandemonium of parakeet.
He writes many of the articles on iPetCompanion and is regularly featured on other popular websites on the Internet.
Renee Whitmore
Author, Editor
Renee is an American college professor and freelance writer from North Carolina. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in English Education.
When she is not driving her teenage son to wrestling practice or learning the ins and outs of Fortnite from her younger son, she is working on her first book to be published soon.
Krystal Johnson
Author, Manager
Krystal is an author on the website, our office manager extraordinaire, and a long-time animal lover and pet foster parent.
Krystal keeps busy with all of the above and raising her twin 13 year old daughters.
If she ever finds some magical free time in her schedule, she enjoys playing catch up on a few favorite series on Netflix.