When we started iPetCompanion over six years ago we had a vision that would allow people to interact on the web with things they loved, and our technology made that possible in the world of animal welfare. Since the first iPetCompanion site went live in 2010 we’ve had over 12 million people across 226 countries and territories interact with the animals in the participating shelters’ sanctuaries. Staff have reported increases of adoptions as much as 60%, increases in donations as much as 200%, and the technology has even been used in hospitals allowing children with severe illnesses to play with animals from their bedside, shown here.

In June of 2016 the ad network who manages ad spots on iPetCompanion is no longer providing this service and we have not been able to find a suitable replacement to cover the server and bandwidth costs for the users/viewers of iPetCompanion. We have weighed several possible strategies and unfortunately, the only remaining option is to shut the sites down. At the end of April the URL for iPetCompanion will become inactive.

  • But WAIT! Can’t you keep it running by doing x, y, or z?
    We’ve explored dozens of options thoroughly over several months and have come up empty. It’s time. Among other complications, the monthly costs to maintain the servers, service, bandwidth, customer support, community support, and replacement parts to keep the site running is not insignificant. Furthermore, the more the site grows in popularity the higher monthly costs become, and no one is covering those ongoing costs.

  • Are you making money off this closure in any way?
    No. In fact, iPetCompanion has run at a loss for the majority of its existence, and the significant losses of running the site is what’s causing us to close our doors. Through a generous contribution of an individual back in 2014, David Lerner, who is also involved in other animal welfare activities (here,) we were able to provide iPet systems to 100 shelters across the U.S over a two year duration. These systems began shipping in May 2015 and we hope they have been of benefit to the sanctuaries. Without David, only 11 shelters would have ever had the iPetCompanion opportunity, and it would not have been possible for the rest.

We hope the philanthropic spirit in animal welfare continues to grow and we are thankful we were able to be a small part of it. We are proud of what we built and hope you enjoyed using iPetCompanion over the years, and over the web. Please continue to spread the mission of generosity, gratitude, and appreciation.

Thank you.